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Silence The Inner Critic Featuring Natalie Warren

Season #5

In this conversation, Dwayne Roberts interviews Natalie Warren about her work in personal development and leadership. Natalie shares her personal journey and the challenges she faced in graduate school. They explore the concept of the inner critic and how it impacts personal leadership. Natalie explains how she helps women navigate their inner critics and build confidence. They also discuss the transformative impact of women's retreats and upcoming events. In this conversation, Natolie Warren discusses the importance of silence and mindfulness in finding peace and quieting the mind. She shares practical techniques for silencing the noise in our heads and becoming more present in everyday life. Natolie also encourages listeners to explore themselves and discover their true desires and passions. Finally, she talks about her work with organizations, offering trainings on mental health, stress management, and overall well-being. Takeaways Personal leadership starts with self-awareness and understanding the inner critic. Recognizing and naming inner critics can help individuals separate themselves from negative thoughts and behaviors. Women's retreats can be transformative experiences that help build confidence and create positive change. It is important to choose the voice we follow and focus on personal growth and emotional intelligence. Silence can be both peaceful and disruptive, but learning to navigate it can lead to inner peace. Mindfulness is a technique that involves being aware of our thoughts and recognizing when our mind wanders. Exploring ourselves and our desires is an important part of personal development. Natolie offers corporate trainings on mental health, stress management, and overall well-being. Learn more about Natalie Warren: Become a valued member of the Leaders SHIFT Patron Community  Visit Our Webpage: