Your Success Is In Your Hands.

People are the building blocks within their environment.

The solution is in consistent leadership development and team building. Leaders needs to have a crystal clear vision for their future.

Help your team gain the tools to become a high performing team, Today!



The training will increase individual and team performance, communication, and cohesion. It will also help them understand and get clarity around team goals and how to make them happen using their individual talents for team success.


TIER ONE: Raise Your Leaders I.Q This leadership development workshop lays the foundation to introduce new perspectives on leaders authentic  leadership style, increase self awareness, and give leader tools to help maximize potential. Leaders are shown how to interpret results, gain a detailed understanding of each behavior style, and explore the strengths of each behavior! Most importantly, leaders will walk away with a basic understanding of four behavior styles, as well as a clearer understanding of who they are as a leader.

TIER TWO: 4 P's To Effective Leadership is all about practical application. Leaders will clarify the teams culture and diversity. Leaders will glean robust communication styles, and more! Best practice strategies are Illustrated on how your organization can create an environment where each team member can thrive.
TIER THREE: Leaders S.H.I.F.T. Builds on the fundamentals of the flight assessment by taking a deep dive into personal leadership. Discussions happen that show how theory turns into practice. Leader learn to create alignment organizations purpose.
 TIER Four: Organization DISCification Takes your clients on a deep dive of their flight assessment, and shows them how to govern and use their strengthens to become and socially successful. Clients will learn to develop respect and awareness of their own and other’s behavioral styles, and understand the strengths and limitations. They will become more self-motivated, self-regulated, and self-aware.


The 4 P's to effective leadership training session is geared to challenge each leader to think critically, creatively and collaboratively to organize solutions and produce greater results. The online flight assessment will help unlock the key to better relationships, reduce conflict resolution, increase motivation, and self-growth. This workshop will offer insight and improve communications amongst team and develop principles of good teamwork. The good news is a simple Flight assessment can unlock the key to better relationships, reduce conflict resolution, increase motivation, and self-growth.

 Interactive Leaders Benefit:
  • Increasing Self-Awareness & Authenticity Among Team Members
  • Create Alignment With Organization's Vision, Mission, & Values
  • Build Clarity Toward Ideal Roles, Responsibilities & Increase Efficiency Place Team Member in areas of maximum effectiveness
  • Identifying The Flight Crew Types
  • Improve Leader's Communication Style & Develop A Common Language
  • Overview Of The Five Keys In Leadership
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Workshop Participant

I learned how to value my ability and skill to lead myself and recognize talents and giftedness I bring to my team.

Workshop Participant

Dwayne... You're amazing. Your words resonated as if you were speaking directly to me. A true professional he came prepared and ready to deliver.

Workshop Participant

I loved the workshop. Amazing content, it was simple and I learned how to lead and communicate more effective.