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Invisible Leader Featuring Lisa Anderson

Season #5

In this conversation, Lisa Anderson, a chief HR officer and leadership coach, shares her experience of feeling invisible in the workplace and how she overcame it. She emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with your why and aligning your values with your actions. Lisa also discusses the significance of building credibility and becoming an influencer in your organization. Overall, the conversation highlights the power of self-awareness, authenticity, and intentional leadership. In this conversation, Lisa Anderson and Dwayne Roberts discuss the importance of self-leadership and establishing a leadership brand. They emphasize the need for leaders to lead themselves effectively before leading others. Lisa shares her personal experiences and challenges as a leader and highlights the significance of building a strong leadership brand. They also discuss Lisa's book, 'Invisible Professional to Influential Leader,' which provides practical tips and actions for developing leadership skills. The conversation concludes with encouragement for leaders to embrace the journey, show themselves grace, and continue learning and growing as authentic leaders. Feeling invisible in the workplace can be a common experience, especially for women and people of color in male-dominated environments. Reconnecting with your why and understanding your values can help you regain confidence and find your voice in the workplace. Building credibility and becoming an influencer requires aligning your words and actions, as well as prioritizing relationships and trust. Self-awareness, authenticity, and intentional leadership are key to overcoming challenges and making a positive impact in your organization. Leadership starts with self-leadership. It is important for leaders to lead themselves effectively before leading others. Establishing a leadership brand is crucial for all leaders, regardless of whether they manage people directly. Your brand is your reputation and what you are known for. Leaders need to be intentional about their leadership presence, including their actions, words, credibility, and executive presence. 

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