Your Success Is In Your Hands.

Cultivating Habits For Success

Season #5

In this conversation, Dwayne Roberts discusses the importance of building new habits for success. He addresses the frustrations of meeting society's expectations and prioritizing tasks. Roberts believes that habits are built through consistent daily practice and a new way of thinking. He emphasizes the need to follow intuition, set clear goals, learn from mistakes, limit distractions, schedule goals, focus on solutions, and take action despite fear. These seven steps can help individuals cultivate habits for success and achieve their desired results. Takeaways Building new habits is essential for success Consistency and daily practice are key to building habits Following intuition and setting clear goals are important Learning from mistakes and limiting distractions are crucial Scheduling goals and focusing on solutions lead to success Taking action despite fear is necessary for personal growth Taking Action Despite Fear Cultivating Habits for Success "Build new habits to meet society's expectations and prioritize tasks" "Increase pay and connect better in relationships through new habits" "Seven simple steps to cultivate habits for success" Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Frustrations of Meeting Expectations 01:23 Desire for Increased Pay and Better Relationships 06:15 Focus on Solutions and Taking Action 08:12 Conclusion and Encouragement Keywords #habits, #success, #frustrations, #goals, mistakes, #distractions, schedule, solutions, action, fear