Your Success Is In Your Hands.

Vulnerability, A Man's Power

Season #5

In this episode, Dwayne Roberts discusses the power of vulnerability in men. He challenges the belief that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and emphasizes that it takes courage and strength to express emotions and share personal challenges. Roberts explores the societal expectations and limiting behaviors that prevent men from being vulnerable. He provides practical tips for embracing vulnerability, such as starting small, practicing active listening, and reflecting on failures. The episode concludes with a call to foster deeper connections and personal growth through vulnerability. Takeaways Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a source of strength and courage. Societal expectations and fear of judgment often prevent men from being vulnerable. Embracing vulnerability can lead to deeper connections and personal growth. Practical tips for embracing vulnerability include starting small, practicing active listening, and reflecting on failures. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Appreciation 01:04 Call to Action: Subscribe and Share 04:06 Introduction to Vulnerability and Power 05:02 Expressing Vulnerability in Movies 07:53 Fear of Vulnerability and Society's Expectations 09:18 Challenges in Handling Emotions 11:09 Vulnerability and Emotional Intelligence 13:03 Limiting Behaviors and Fear of Judgment 15:26 Slowing Down and Self-Reflection 16:26 Practical Tips for Embracing Vulnerability Learn More About Dwayne Roberts