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Hero's Have Flaws Too Featuring Aaron Thomason

Season #5

In this episode, host Dwayne Roberts interviews Aaron Thomason, a leadership coach and former college basketball player. Aaron shares his journey from growing up in Detroit to becoming a successful athlete and leader. Aaron also discusses the challenges he faced and how he overcame them, including navigating peer pressure and processing anger. He encourages men to maximize their potential in all areas of life and to prioritize humility and self-reflection. In this conversation, Aaron Victor discusses the importance of leaning into emotions and investigating their root causes. He emphasizes the need to be authentic while also adapting to different environments. Aaron also shares key components of personal development, including reading, listening to the right content, and surrounding oneself with the right people. He talks about his work in corporate America, focusing on change management and creating a positive culture. Aaron also discusses his personal coaching program and his book 'Built for This.' Finally, he introduces the VYROS event, which aims to inspire individuals to live and leave a dream. Takeaways Find mentors and be transparent with them to navigate challenges and maximize your potential. Overcome peer pressure and focus on personal growth to become the best version of yourself. Maximize your potential in multiple areas of life, such as academics, sports, and relationships. Process anger and practice humility to maintain healthy relationships and personal growth. Lean into your emotions and investigate their root causes. Be authentic while also adapting to different environments. Focus on personal development through reading, listening to the right content, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Create a positive culture and manage change effectively in corporate settings. Engage in personal coaching and self-reflection to unlock your potential. Embrace your role as a hero and inspire others to live and leave a dream. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and House Notes 00:58 Invitation to 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Mastermind and Leadership Community Membership 05:10 Aaron's Journey from Detroit to College Basketball 06:09 Developing Leadership Skills 07:32 Helping Overthinkers Maximize Their Potential 09:23 Navigating Challenges in Detroit 12:33 Love for Baseball and Basketball 14:28 Overcoming Peer Pressure and Focusing on Personal Growth 15:34 Childhood Story: Stepping Up and Playing Hard 22:49 Importance of Finding a Mentor and Being Transparent 25:58 Navigating Relationship with Father 29:49 Becoming a Hero for Your Family 33:22 Processing Anger and Practicing Humility 34:18 Lean into Your Emotions 38:17 Adapting in Your Environment 42:30 Key Components of Personal Development 47:51 Serving in Corporate America 50:36 Personal Coaching and the Book 'Built for This' 57:28 VYROS Event and Being a Hero Learn More about Aaron Thomason @askaaronvictor - Instagram Learn More about Dwayne Roberts 15 Laws of Growth Mastermind: Leaders S.H.I.F.T. Community: