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Made For More Featuring Gwendolyn Tucker

Season #4

In this episode of the Leadership Podcast, host Dwayne Roberts interviews Gwendolyn J. Tucker, an accomplished professor and advocate for closing the gender pay gap. They discuss various topics related to leadership, including the importance of advocating for equal pay, erasing biases and isms in the workplace, and creating leaders who lead effectively. Gwendolyn also shares insights from her upcoming book, which focuses on what to do when a leadership position finds you. Overall, the conversation highlights the need for awareness, confidence, and action in order to achieve success and equality in the workplace. Takeaways: Advocating for equal pay is crucial in closing the gender pay gap. Erasing biases and isms in the workplace is essential for creating a level playing field. Effective leadership requires self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to adapt to differences. Taking action and executing on goals is key to achieving success and making a positive impact. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction and Getting Started 08:25 The Gender Pay Gap 16:45 Advocating for Equal Pay 21:36 Erasing the Isms 22:19 Creating Leaders Who Lead 28:04 The Book: What to Do When a Leadership Position Finds You 34:29 Words of Encouragement and Conclusion Learn More About Gwendolyn Tucker [email protected] Learn More About Dwayne Roberts