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Addiction Intervention Featuring Rob Lohman

Season #4

The Leaders S.H.I.F.T. Podcast, host Dwayne Roberts interviews Rob Lohman, who shares his journey of overcoming addiction and finding purpose in helping others. The conversation covers topics such as the challenges of addiction and recovery, finding direction and purpose in life, dealing with setbacks and loss, and overcoming negative beliefs. They also discuss setting boundaries in relationships, navigating personal struggles, and learning to trust and focus on solutions. Throughout the conversation, Rob emphasizes the importance of faith, growth, and self-reflection in the journey of personal leadership. This conversation explores the importance of seeking support, self-awareness, and communication. It delves into the need for self-check and the power of sharing vulnerabilities. The conversation also highlights the importance of allowing others to support you and the role of community in personal growth. It emphasizes taking responsibility for one's actions and the significance of relinquishing control and believing in oneself. The conversation concludes by discussing the six steps of LIFTED, a process for restoring hope, identity, and purpose. Takeaways: Addiction and recovery can present significant challenges, but with the right support and tools, individuals can overcome them and find purpose in helping others. Finding direction and purpose in life is crucial for personal growth and fulfillment. It requires self-reflection, faith, and a willingness to embrace change. Setting boundaries in relationships is important for maintaining sobriety and healthy connections. Open and honest communication is key to navigating challenges and building strong partnerships. Overcoming personal struggles and negative beliefs requires self-awareness, resilience, and a commitment to personal growth. Trusting in a higher power and focusing on solutions can help individuals navigate difficult times. Seeking support from others is crucial for personal growth and well-being. Self-awareness and effective communication are key to maintaining healthy relationships. Taking responsibility for one's actions is essential for personal growth and transformation. Believing in oneself and relinquishing control are important steps towards finding purpose and fulfillment. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction to the Leadership Podcast 00:29 Introducing Rob Lohman 03:06 The Challenges of Addiction and Recovery 05:23 Finding Direction and Purpose 06:23 Identifying God's Plan in Life 07:35 Navigating Challenges and Change 10:01 Dealing with Setbacks and Loss 11:35 Feeling Inadequate and Overcoming Negative Beliefs 14:05 Setting Boundaries in Relationships 16:23 Overcoming Challenges in Relationships 21:46 Choosing to Overcome and Grow 24:14 Learning to Trust and Focus on Solutions 25:12 The Importance of Seeking Support 26:39 Self-Awareness and Communication 27:13 The Need for Self-Check 28:12 Dealing with Anxiety and Self-Harm 29:08 The Power of Sharing Vulnerabilities 30:14 Allowing Others to Support You 31:21 The Importance of Community 32:07 Taking Responsibility for Your Actions 33:06 Relinquishing Control and Believing in Yourself 34:27 Finding Purpose in Chaos 36:52 Supportive Wives and Removing Blame 43:18 The Six Steps of LIFTED Learn More About Rob Lohman: Learn More About Dwayne Roberts