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Conversation Around Bias Featuring Lonney Gregory

Season #4

In this episode of the Leadership Podcast, Dwayne Roberts interviews Lonnie Gregory about the importance of normalizing the conversation around bias. They discuss how bias is a brain function that serves to protect us and how it can impact decision-making. They also explore the role of empathy in building stronger connections and the influence of behavior on conversations and relationships. Lonnie emphasizes the need for self-reflection and unpacking to become the best version of oneself and shares insights on developing clarity and purpose in life. The episode concludes with words of encouragement and information on how to connect with Lonnie Gregory. Takeaways Bias is a brain function that serves to protect us and can impact decision-making. Empathy is crucial in building stronger connections and relationships. Self-reflection and unpacking are necessary to become the best version of oneself. Developing clarity and purpose in life is essential for making stimulant decisions. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to Lonnie Gregory 09:55 The Importance of Normalizing the Conversation Around Bias 13:24 The Impact of Bias on Men and Healthy Masculinity 16:50 Understanding Bias as a Brain Function 23:33 The Role of Empathy in Building Stronger Connections 32:47 The Influence of Behavior on Conversation and Relationships 39:58 The Need for Self-Reflection and Unpacking to Become the Best Version of Yourself 46:37 The Importance of the King (E8) Position 48:22 Developing Clarity and Purpose in Life 51:42 Making Stimulant Decisions with Clarity 55:38 Closing Remarks and Encouragement iRIZE Performance Consulting - Learn More About: Leaders S.H.I.F.T. podcast Leaders S.H.I.F.T. Community