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Beyond Anxiety Featuring Darius Fennell

Season #4

In this episode of the Leadership Podcast, host Dwayne Roberts interviews Darius Fennell, a mental health therapist and advocate. Darius shares his personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks, which led him to seek professional help. He discusses the impact of cultural upbringing on mental health and the importance of reevaluating self-worth and value. Darius emphasizes the need to overcome stigmas surrounding mental health and highlights the difference between therapy and coaching. He also encourages individuals to prepare for therapy sessions by journaling and being open to uncomfortable emotions. Darius concludes by emphasizing the importance of seeking help as a way to be a positive role model for children.In this conversation, Darius Fennell discusses the importance of dealing with anxiety and the impact it can have on future generations. He emphasizes the need for individuals to lead themselves well and be an example for others. Darius also highlights the importance of partnering with healthcare professionals, such as therapists and primary care physicians, to address anxiety effectively. He discusses the role of goal-setting and using a toolkit to navigate anxiety recovery. Darius shares the power of breathwork and how it can bring individuals to the present moment. He also talks about the process of leaving the illusion and finding freedom through therapy and self-reflection. Darius encourages men to seek help and live authentically, emphasizing the value of vulnerability and community support. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to the Leadership Podcast 01:06 Guest Introduction: Darius Fennell 03:12 Darius' Experience with Anxiety and Panic Attacks 08:47 The Impact of Cultural Upbringing on Mental Health 12:26 The Turning Point: Seeking Help and Therapy 17:10 Unpacking Past Trauma and Limiting Beliefs 20:06 Reevaluating Self-Worth and Value 25:27 Overcoming Mental Health Stigmas 32:07 Difference Between Therapy and Coaching 35:37 Preparing for Therapy and the Importance of Journaling 36:31 The Motivation to Seek Help: Being a Role Model for Children 36:35 The Importance of Dealing with Anxiety 37:20 Leading Yourself Well 38:01 Partnering with Healthcare Professionals 39:04 Setting Goals and Using a Toolkit 41:33 The Power of Breathwork 43:05 Bringing Yourself to the Present Moment 44:36 Navigating Anxiety Recovery 47:32 Empathy and Writing a Book 48:30 Working with the Recovery Community 49:31 The Importance of Vulnerability and Community 50:26 Leaving the Illusion and Finding Freedom 53:19 Taking the Steps to Get Help 57:05 Living Authentically and Finding Clarity 59:00 Taking Inventory and Seeking Help 01:02:14 Rebuilding on a Firm Foundation 01:05:26 Writing Down Thoughts and Seeking Professional Help

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