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Built for This featuring Tiffany Harvey

Season #4

In this episode, host Dwayne Roberts interviews Tiffany Harvey, who shares her journey of personal growth and overcoming challenges. Tiffany discusses her military service and the challenges she faced as a black female officer. She emphasizes the importance of finding peace and joy in the midst of storms and shares how she turned her passion for mixology into a business. Tiffany also talks about her involvement in the devotional book, Joy 365, and the impact it has had on her life. She encourages listeners to trust in God, seek support, and find joy in every situation. In this conversation, Tiffany Harvey discusses her Pick Your Sweet Poison recipe boxes and merchandise. She also talks about her clothing line called 'I'm Built for This' and encourages listeners to support her. Additionally, she mentions her speaking engagements and shares her website and social media handles. The conversation concludes with closing remarks from Dwayne Roberts. Takeaways Challenges and storms are inevitable in life, but leaning on God and seeking support can help navigate through them. Finding peace and joy in the midst of storms is crucial for personal growth and overcoming challenges. Passion projects can arise from difficult experiences and bring joy and fulfillment. The devotional book, Joy 365, offers daily inspiration and affirmations to help individuals find joy and restoration in their lives. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction 01:22 Tiffany's Background and Passion Projects 04:41 Military Service and Challenges Faced 11:06 Navigating Challenges in the Navy 16:19 Finding Peace and Overcoming Challenges 21:42 The Devotional Book: Joy 365 37:08 Passion Project: Mixology and Pick Your Sweet Poison 42:05 Closing Remarks and Contact Information 43:55 Pick Your Sweet Poison recipe boxes and merchandise 44:49 Supporting Tiffany's dream and vision 45:18 Reaching out to Tiffany for speaking engagements 45:43 Closing remarks

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