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Soaring Without Limits Featuring Monique Pearson

Season #4

Monique Pearson, CEO of Soaring Without Limits Enterprise, shares her passion for empowering women to travel and overcome personal barriers. She offers tips for solo travelers, including enrolling in the Safe Traveler Enrollment Program and planning trips in advance. Monique also discusses her plans to expand her services to include mindset coaching and retreats for individuals dealing with PTSD. She emphasizes the importance of creating a vision for travel and making an impact by empowering others. Monique Pearson shares her experience in Bali and discusses why it was such an amazing trip. She highlights the sense of peace, the picturesque landscapes, the budget-friendly nature of the destination, and the opportunity to experience the local culture. Monique also mentions the delicious food, the warm hospitality, and the value for money that Bali offers. Takeaways Enroll in the Safe Traveler Enrollment Program to ensure safety and receive support while traveling. Plan trips in advance to make budgeting and payments easier. Empowerment and personal growth are key aspects of travel. Consider exploring destinations beyond the typical tourist spots. Create a vision for travel and make it a priority in your life. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 06:18 Introducing Monique Pearson 11:15 Discovering the Passion for Travel 14:16 Overcoming Personal Barriers 22:45 Empowering Women to Travel 25:25 Enrolling in the Safe Traveler Enrollment Program 29:33 Expanding Services to Include Mindset Coaching 31:34 Creating Visionary Trips for Couples 36:53 Making an Impact through Soaring Without Limits 38:22 Recommendations for Holiday Travel 39:52 Monique's Experience in Bali 41:21 Monique's Contact Information: [email protected] Dwayne Roberts & Associates LLC