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Becoming Outlaws with Ken McMullen

Season #4

Ken McMullen discusses the meaning behind his podcast, Becoming Outlaws, and the importance of living in the present moment. He emphasizes the challenge men face in trusting God and leading their future, and the need for men to be connected with like-minded individuals in a community setting. McMullen also highlights the value of finding one's purpose and deploying it into the world. In this conversation, Ken McMullen discusses the importance of learning from each other and the value of humility. He emphasizes the need for active listening and shares statistics on nonverbal communication. McMullen provides tips for effective listening and highlights the power of presence in supporting others. Takeaways Living in the present moment is essential for finding fulfillment and purpose in life. Men often face the challenge of trusting God and leading their future, but finding a community of like-minded individuals can provide support and guidance. Discovering one's unique purpose and deploying it into the world is key to finding fulfillment and making a positive impact. Engaging in self-care and self-reflection is important for personal growth and well-being. Everyone has something to say that we can learn from, regardless of their background or experience. Over 90% of communication is nonverbal, highlighting the importance of paying attention to body language and tone. Effective listening involves being curious, interested, and willing to have no opinion. The power of presence can be more impactful than words in supporting others. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to Ken McMullen and Becoming Outlaws Podcast 18:36 Unpacking the Meaning of Becoming Outlaws 22:24 The Importance of Living in the Present 32:12 The Challenge of Trusting God and Leading the Future 42:24 The Value of Community and Service to Others 46:10 Learning from Each Other 47:09 The Importance of Listening 49:01 Effective Listening Techniques 50:07 The Power of Presence 51:26 Where to Find Ken McMullen becomingoutlaws@gmail Learn More about Dwayne Roberts & Associates