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Engaging Student Stakeholders featuring Julia Baly

Season #4

Julia's consulting work focuses on health and wellness, communication, and supporting new teachers. JB Academic Consulting, supports teachers, provides professional development, and promotes student engagement.

In this conversation, Julia Baly, an experienced educator, shares her journey and the importance of involving students as stakeholders in the education system. She discusses the impact of empowering students to make decisions and the positive outcomes it can bring. Julia also highlights the challenges she faced in getting staff buy-in and the importance of valuing teachers' input. She emphasizes the need for more male educators as role models for students and the benefits they bring to the profession.


  • Involving students as stakeholders in the education system leads to positive outcomes and empowers them to take ownership of their learning environment.
  • Challenges in education can be overcome by inviting students and teachers to the table and valuing their input.
  • The role of educators goes beyond teaching; it is a mission field that requires serving and supporting students.
  • The education system needs more male educators as role models for students and to provide diverse perspectives.
  • Addressing the gap in education requires a holistic approach that considers the well-being of teachers and students.
  • Male role models in education are vital for providing support and guidance to male students.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:18 Experience in Education

03:09 Importance of Student Involvement

05:28 Engaging Students as Stakeholders

06:19 Impact and Outcomes of Student Involvement

07:49 Challenges and Overcoming Resistance

10:24 Students' Role in Hiring Teachers

13:34 Empowering Students to Make Decisions

14:29 Leaders SHIFT Training 16:43 Challenges with Staff Buy-In

17:49 Involving Students in Decision-Making

21:11 Personal Background and Journey in Education

24:15 Education as a Mission Field

27:29 The Gap in Education and Teacher Frustration

30:03 Addressing the Gap and Teacher Recommendations

33:03 Julia Bailey's Foundation and Consulting

37:38 The Importance of Male Educators

38:56 The Importance of Male Role Models in Education

40:28 Equity Between Men and Women in Education

41:11 JB Academic Consulting and Services

41:55 Opportunities for Collaboration and Impact

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