Your Success Is In Your Hands.

What's Holding Up Your Progress?

Season #3

What’s holding up your progress? I spoke with a friend Jonas, who recently released his 2nd book “Quotes off the wall” an Amazon Best Seller. Here what I said to J, I not going to let you write your 3rd book before I write my 1st. Bro chuckled and said, well you better get to writing. Book #3 is on it’s way. It made me think and ask, What’s hindering my progress? Here is what I am realizing for myself, and that is it takes discipline to get what you want out of life. Not pointing the finger. Some folk can surely push the needle and drain your energy causing you not to follow through and complete tasks. Truth is its time to take ownership and be responsible for your life outcomes. Consider this… Who are the people in you associate with? What bad habits have you recognize & need to correct? How may your thinking be crippling your success? Is your motivation off? Parkinson law….(you don’t have enough time in the day, or you feel you work better under pressure) ( Read from Book) Now, I understand 30% of people operate in life from what Identify as the flight attendant behavior. Meaning, You are passionate about people, and love sharing stories and talking. And what have not realized, that while this is a strength it holds a blindspot to procrastination and 1-2 many great ideas. So to help you combat Parkinson Law: (you don’t have enough time in the day, or you feel you work better under pressure) Clarify the goal for the day Id 3 top task / prioritize them Set specific deadline to accomplish ( Start / End Time) Setting deadlines and challenging yourself allots for more free time and a stress free day.