Your Success Is In Your Hands.

Understanding your Natural vs Adaptive Behavior Style

Season #2 Episode #2021

Guys, great conversation tonight! It's all about awareness, alignment, & making adjustments; so men become excellent husbands, fathers, & leaders. I appreciate everyone's openness, and input about some of life obstacles. Special thanks to ...... for taking the hot seat and sharing powerful insight to helping men face their struggles. Tonight's topic was on the power of the natural vs adaptive behaviors style. We spoke and shared, how we as men should approach using our natural strengths vs possible abusing our strengths. Also, we gleaned insight when operating in the adaptive behavior style, we may be losing energy, focus, productivity & not gain the results or response in life we desire. Realizing too, that the adaptive behavior style can be a indicator that we as the man my need to change our behavior to better or effectively fit the situation in order to gain the right results.

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