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Human Behavior Leaders Workshop


Are you ready to revolutionize your business's leadership and drive exceptional results?  Join our ground breaking Human Behavioral Leaders Workshop know as the "Raise Your Leaders EQ" it's the ultimate tool to supercharge your teams performance and companies growth.


In this faced paced society, understanding and harnessing human behavior is the key to successful leadership.

Our workshop offers:

Learn 5 Practices of Effective Leaders

Insight into Leaders Unique Superpower and Value to Team Environment

Leaders & Team Assessment


Any live events must be within the Colorado Springs | Pueblo | Denver Areas. All other scheduled leaders workshops will be hosted online.


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Target Growth Areas To Excel In

Discover natural strengths and apply to daily life.

Increase Organization Productivity

Glen indeed knowledge of your communication preference and others.

Ignite Leadership Opportunities

Learn to leverage your personal leadership in life and business. 

" The Flight Assessment has helped me be aware of myself and my leadership preferences. As well it has helped me as a leader better understand & connect with my team and players.

Coach Eddie Cochran



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  • Team Profile¬†
  • Personalty Profile Assessment¬†
  • 2 Hour Leadership Workshop with Certified Extreme Execution Coach
  • Identify Leaders Authentic¬†Leadership Style¬†
  • Increase Organizations¬†Productivity
  • Build Effective Teams

 Don't miss out on the chance to enroll your team in the "Raise Your Leaders E.Q." Human Behavior Leaders Workshop and unlock their true potential. 

Human Behavior Leaders Workshop

Invest in your business and unlock your leaders true potential. Join us for our human behavior leaders workshop and watch your leaders flourish. Act now, and secure your teams spot for up coming session!

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