Your Success Is In Your Hands.

Laws of Growth "Intentional"

Season #3 Episode #7

The three laws of growth are…. by John Maxwell

  • Law of Intentionality

Scientist estimate we use as little as 10% of our  potential. In essence, 90% of our potential lays dormant or goes to waste because we never tap into our God-given resources to produce our God size dreams for life.

4 starting points when intentionally growth plan


1. Make a commitment to grow.

2. Share your commitment with others

3. Identify areas you want to grow in… choose 2-3 areas in grow in. Consider an area of choice & area of skill. For me, my choice was to work on attitude, & I choose to start by reading 1 chapter a day in a book of choice.

4. Invest one hour daily in those areas of growth. Prepare, Practice & Reflection.

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