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Dwayne Roberts, Men of Vision Colorado

Dwayne is the Executive Director of Men of Vision Colorado. He is a practitioner of leadership and a leadership expert, empowerment coach and transformational speaker who utilizes behavioral training on evidence-based strategies and proven methods to add value to his client base.

 Dwayne's mission is to help 100,000 justice involved men overcome obstacles, limiting beliefs; so, they can thrive and master becoming a better man. He works closely with many organizations Colorado Parole Dept, Prison Talk, Embark Recover, & Community Work.

Speaking is really his passion. He loves challenging and motivating audiences with real-life stories and timeless principles that I always back with actionable steps.

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Tangie Bryant "DJ TNT" Felon 2 Phenomenal 

Tangie Bryant more commonly known as DJ TNT is a professional touring DJ and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to help criminal justice impacted individuals overcome the obstacles in the life of reentry and reduce recidivism. More importantly, to achieve a life that went from felon to phenomenal, just like I did! Ultimately transforming their lives from survival mode to one that is thriving and that they built for themselves.

Tangie wants to be part of the solution. She has developed a coaching program and community designed to help individuals impacted by the criminal justice system overcome the obstacles of reentry and take control of their lives in a positive and productive way that reduces recidivism.

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Jonas Royster, Hood Probverbz

Jonas Royster, CEO of Royster Enterprises LLC, is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and coach. His work centers on the hard life lessons he learned as a young man growing up on the streets of Southern California in the 1990s. Recounting his journey from gangster to positive role model, Jonas shares how he transformed his life. Below are the service offerings and their respective descriptions.

Jonas overcame a troubled past to pursue his passion for writing, using his experiences to help others build confidence, self-esteem, and healthy decision-making skills. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including the 2022 Independent Press Award for Best African American Fiction, and is committed to using his platform to guide at-risk youth toward a successful and fulfilling life.

You can get access to Jonas's phenomenal book by clicking the link: Bangin' The Making Of A Y.G.

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Malik Lee, True Vision

Malik Lee a.k.a. Coach Lee Is an Entrepreneur, Retention Specialist, Powerful Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Author, Minister, Athlete, Consultant, Husband, Father, and Grandfather. Life's trials and tribulations confronted him with Hollywood headlines that attempted to test his faith.  Eventually, the 'truth' set him free and hence became his vision.

True Vision is the discovering of your identity, so your vision becomes clear.  We motivate and inspire individuals to activate the power within them to make their dreams a reality.

​His mission is to help create the necessary mindset to find your purpose, live your passion, and the be power of your performance.

True Vision will show you the NOW, the HOW and the WHY, a system for success.

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Jay Chase, Don't Touch My Mindset

Jay Chase is a dynamic speaker, host of the top rated podcast "Don't Touch My Mindset" certified DiSC Consultant and international leadership development expert. Jay has a passion for helping those in active recovery manage destructive emotions and habits to live a full and effective life.

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Dwayne Meeks, Urban Colors

Dwayne is the founder of Urban Colors, empowering men to lead, engage, and thrive for the prosperity of their families, while driving for healthy community and family engagements. As a passionate advocate for responsible fatherhood and healthy masculinity, he has inspired countless individuals to strive for a better life.

Dwayne's journey as an author and speak, and his expertise as a coach and mentor has provided the tools and guidance necessary to help people rewrite their own stories and break free from mediocrity.

Dwayne's personal story is a testament to the power of perseverance, and his own unwavering commitment to helping others has made him a true game changer in the field. With an unrelenting spirit and a heart full of purpose, 

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